Youth Programs

Young Canadians are given the opportunity to learn critical thinking, advanced technology skills, arts and volunteer in their communities, fostering their personal development and commitment to service. Donate now »

Student Bursaries and Scholarships

Advanced Harmony Bursary Program can help you reach your goal.

We are committed to making technology and art education more accessible for our volunteers.

We are proud to offer bursary and scholarship awards to eligible volunteers who have vision, goals and a commitment to serving their community. If you can demonstrate academic achievement and financial need, if you have leadership qualities and a commitment to high standards in your chosen field of study, if you are dedicated to upholding the ideals of Advanced Harmony Association and have a desire to continue to serve your community through AHA, then you may be eligible to receive a bursary or scholarship award.

Whether you are entering post-secondary education for the first time or returning to continue your program, Advance Harmony can support you as you pursue your studies by providing access to teachers and educational materials through your life as a student.

Want to learn more about these awards? Contact AHA for further details regarding eligibility and applications forms. Application forms are available on request after January 1st of each year.

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We do not receive any federal government funding; therefore, it is through the generosity of donors that we are able to provide community services and programs throughout Canada. With your support, you can help us to continue saving lives at work, home and play.

Volunteer with Advanced Harmony – a life-changing experience
Here at Advanced Harmony Association, we’re all about community – teaching critical life-changing skills to help the community, providing community support through our volunteer services, and creating a sense of community in the process.
Volunteering with Advanced Harmony
Volunteering – keeping Advanced Harmony Association going
Our volunteers are the driving force behind our vital community services – the technology and arts program, Youth Program. All Advanced Harmony Association product sales and training registrations support these community services, and without our volunteers, these services would not be possible.